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Paper Craft

About Us

My name is Karen, and I have been an avid crafter since I was a child.

I like to keep busy, so have tried many different crafts over the years, but I still have many more to try.

I started Happy Owl Crafts purely as an online yarn shop during the COVID-19 lockdown due to my love of crochet and then decide this year (2023), after about 20 years of thinking about my own shop, that I would take the plunge and do it.  

We will not only be selling supplies but will also be having workshops/classes and more.

Watch this space!

Meet the Crafters

As we develop our classes/workshops,  we will add more profiles here.


Karen Ross

Owner and craft enthusiast 

I enjoy crochet, jewellery making,  paper crafts and many more crafts but I still have lots to try.

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